The machine is suitable for the production of butter cookies and other pastry products (shortbread biscuits, almond pastries, meringues, lady’s fingers, macaroons, cream puffs, sponge cakes,  plum cakes, muffins, etc.). Drop 600 is supplied with the following standard equipment:


Industrial servo-motor;
The machine is made of a high quality materials (stainless steel AISI 304);
Modern hermetic hopper with reinforced actuator to elaborate semi-hard and semi-liquid dough;
Aluminum dosing head easily disassembled for quick change of the nozzles;
Recipe tool allows to create and store into the memory all your recipes (up 2 hundred stored programs);
Dozing rollers and nozzles rotation at variable speed (inverter);
Anticipated dropping mode;
Tray Width 400x600;
Electronic measurement of tray’s movement;
Automatic table height adjustment;

Complete set of the machine

Rotation mould at 9 exits;
Dozing head with retractable forming plates;
Set of plastic smooth nozzles Ø 12 мм (9+1 spare part);
Set of plastic grooved nozzles Ø 12 мм (9+1 spare part);
Set of copper nozzles Ø 12 мм (9+1 spare part);
Maintenance tool set;

Types of the dough:

  • short pastry
  • light puffy pastry
  • muffin
  • gingerbread (several types)
  • coconut pastry
  • choux
  • meringue

Technical specifications

  • Output:                                      150-200 kg/h
  • Width x length x height:               1120 x 1600 x 1410 mm
  • Voltage:                                     380 V, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption:                    4 Kwt
  • Weight:                                      about 500 kg

Additional options


Additional Accessories.
Wire-Cut option;
Sponge top option;
Muffin plate at 6 exits;
Choux pastry plate at 6 exits;
Plate with slitting nozzle (sponge cakes);
Additional copper nozzles (one) colored;
Additional copper nozzles (two) colored;
Additional plastic nozzles (one) colored;
The Trolley for transportation of dosing unit;




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