Dropping machine with 1 hoppers
      DROP 600

Drop 600 is the cheapest version among our automatic dropping machines.
The small size and variety of the products you can produce, making this machine the right choice for any pastry shop.

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    Dropping machine with 2 hoppers
  DUOMIX 600

Automatic dropping 2 hoppers machine Duomix 600 is a multipurpose machine for production of a wide variety of shortbread, éclairs, profiteroles, cakes, meringues and other confectionery products.

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    Dropping machine with 3 hoppers


This 9 row versatile dropping machine is designed for the production of cookies, cakes, meringues, sponge cakes, custard products in the widest range of forms, with or without filling (depending on the type and recipe of the dough).

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