International delivery

Delivery throughout Russia

Delivery in Russia is carried out by the carrier chosen by you. To send the goods to the customer, it is necessary to write an official letter on the letterhead of your company. Write it in free form and send it to our address

In the letter, indicate the transport company you have chosen and other instructions related to the transportation of the goods.

Delivery to the terminals of the transport companies PEK, Baikal Service, Business Lines in Moscow (within the Moscow Ring Road) is also carried out by the transport company.

The equipment is installed on a pallet, wrapped in thick cardboard and a plastic cover. Shipment of equipment is carried out by the carrier at the request of the customer.

Before loading, the equipment undergoes quality control. The equipment is also checked according to the invoice for packaging.

To minimize your risks, we recommend that you insure the goods at full value.

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