Dosing station DOS DUO



Length - 450 mm
Width - 450mm
Height - 1340 mm
Bowl height - 600mm
Bowl capacity - 32-35 kg
Weight -70 kg
Electric motor power - 0.35 kW
Productivity - 4,8 kg/min
Motor voltage - 400 V/50Hz
Voltage at startup and installation - 230V/50 Hz -400V/50Hz
The minimum weight of raw materials in manual mode is 5 gr.
Maximum raw material weight in manual mode - 40kg
Tolerances for compression of finished products should not exceed - 10 * 10mm


Dispenser - dispenses simultaneously from two hoppers, the first one supplies the main mass, the second stuffing from above. You can use raw materials both soft and harder consistency. a) cheese mass b) diced pieces of vegetables - such as spinach, onions, potatoes, mushrooms. c) confectionery fillings d) jams with pieces of fruit e) praline filling with dried fruits h) butter and spread g) cream fillings i) honey and nougat. e) curd mass g) pancake mass In this installation, augers are installed under the hoppers of the dispenser, which push the mass through the hoses to the gun. At the outlet of the nozzle, a pneuma valve for opening and closing the dosing nozzle is installed. The auger drive is mounted at the top, the drive rod passes through the hopper in front of the auger torque. This allows you to service and wash the dispenser in the shortest possible time (maximally excluded the ingress of water, moisture on the electric drive). It is necessary to pour hot water into the bunker, wash it off with a sponge from the walls of the bunker and pump water under pressure through the gun with an auger. Complete flushing of the dispenser takes 10 minutes, disassembly of the auger and pipeline is not required.


Electric heating of the bunker 1 pc.
Vertical dispensing unit - up and down
Two-color punch for 8 outlets
Rotary table with 2 diameters (according to customer's sketch)


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