Conveyor width - 400mm -1500mm
Productivity - 250kg/hour - 1000kg/hour


- The drying conveyor is designed to automate the drying process of confectionery products coated with sugar icing, fondant in the food industry;

- The heating tunnel is used to achieve excellent drying of products covered with fondant, etc. Heating is carried out by recirculating air, the jet of which is regulated and controlled by a temperature controller and directional ceramic heaters, protected and enclosed in insulating casings. Belt width made of stainless steel 300/400 mm. The feed speed is adjustable from 0 to 4.6 m/min.

- Every 6 meters, an independent heating block is installed on the tunnel with a control system up to a maximum of 75 ° C.

- The conveyor is driven by an electric motor and a gearbox, a frequency converter and an Omron control panel are used to smoothly change the speed, the panel allows you to adjust the speed by 0.1 unit.

- The volume of hot air supply is regulated by remote control using a microprocessor (displaying the temperature in the chamber, the operating status of the unit, the causes of failures; setting the required temperature in the chamber, defrost parameters and other parameters of the compressor and condenser unit ;

- The desired temperature inside the drying chamber is achieved by recirculating cooled air;

- Finished dried products are conveyed to the table for collecting finished products.


- Sectional cooling conveyor 2-3-4-zone with thermal chamber, made of ASI 304 stainless steel, length of each section 2500 mm

- The conveyor is equipped with a drive and tension station, a motor-reducer Motive Italy. Conveyor belt UNI Italy blue or white.

- The control panel has an Omron frequency converter. Buttons START, STOP and speed control button. Two digital controllers EVK 203 Italy are installed, for refrigeration units with ventilated evaporators with defrost function. Sensor temperature PTC silicone. Refrigeration unit DANFOSS OPTYMA.

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