TRIOMIX INDUSTRIAL is designed for depositing the product on the conveyor belt. The jigging machine can be grouped in line with sprinkler, stacker, etc.

Dough types

• shortbread dough
• gingerbread
• biscuit
• fruit masses with fractions
• muffin
• marshmallow
• coconut
• custard
• meringue
• cottage cheese
• confectionery masses
• oatmeal
• macaron
• cookies

Product configuration

TRIOMIX 600 machine depending on bundling can produce products:
• single color
• two-color
• one-color with filling and decoration on top
• one-color with decoration on top
• two-tone with decoration on top
• two-color with stuffing inside


9 row universal most modern dough dropping machine designed for the production of cookies, gingerbread, meringue, biscuit cakes, custard products in the widest range and forms with and without filling (depending on the type and test recipes). A wide choice of nozzles, makes it possible to produce both one, two-color products with jam both on top and inside in the form of a filling. A feature of the machine is the installation on the basic version of various dosing heads. A modern digital system with software will allow you to it is convenient to control both the movement of the trays and the types of dosing. From point to rotating and various lengths. On this machine, you can always expand product range by purchasing new nozzles or dosing heads. The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


• industrial servomotors (quick and precise installation in exact position)
• reinforced shaft drives of the first and second bunkers
• hermetically sealed head making it possible to work with semi-solid and semi-liquid dough
• working head width 600mm
• Shafts are made of stainless steel AISI 304
• the ability to control different speeds for the approach of baking sheets (change the speed
raising the lowering of the table, change the speed and time of dosing, reverse, etc.)
• the most reliable system for raising and lowering the table with a servo drive (movement along the copier), which significantly increased the speed of the table
• the ability to set the speed of raising and lowering the table
• the ability to set the height of the table lowering
• Possibility to set different table lowering speeds during dosing
• smooth adjustment of the speed of the dosing dough rollers
• the ability to store any number of your test names
• electronic tray sensor
• electronic measurement of tray movement
• automatic table height adjustment
• Rotation of dough dosing nozzles
• smooth adjustment of nozzle rotation
• high productivity, even up to 450 kg/h (with guillotine)
• the machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304
• fast operation of the dosing • touch screen type "touchscreen" with the program in Russian
• digital servo type table lifting drive
• 100 work programs stored in the machine's memory


• Aperture cutting option
• Pump-type hopper for liquid dough
• Stamping option
• Brass and plastic nozzles
• String cutting option
• Option for jigging layers and cakes
• Plate for jigging muffins and cupcakes into molds
• Plate for profiteroles
• Dosing head maintenance trolley.


• Production per kg/h: 150-400 kg/h
• Conveyor width 400-1500mm
• Voltage: 380V, 60Hz
• Power consumption 5 kW.
• Equipment weight: about 1020kg.


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