Dough dropping machine DROP


Dough types

• shortbread
• biscuit
• fruit masses with fractions
• muffin
• marshmallow
• coconut
• • meringue
• cottage cheese
• confectionery masses
• oatmeal
• macaroon
• cookies

Product configuration

Equipment depending on bundling can produce products:
• single color


DROP 600 is the most budget model among the line of automatic dough depositors manufactured under the DITO GROUP brand. A wide choice of nozzles, gives the chance to make various products. Powerful shafts allow you to work with all types of dough from liquid to hard (gingerbread).

A feature of the machine is the installation on the basic version various dosing heads as well as options (string cutting, guillotine, slotted jigging, diaphragm cutting, etc.). And a modern digital system with software will allow you to conveniently control both the movement of trays and the types of dosing. From point to rotating and various lengths. With this machine, you can always expand your product range by purchasing new nozzles or dosing heads.


  • industrial servo motors;
  • the machine is made of high quality certified materials;
  • hermetically sealed head making it possible to work with semi-solid and
    semi-liquid dough;
  • 600mm width aluminum dosing head;
  • smooth adjustment of nozzle rotation;
  • the ability to set the speed of raising and lowering the table;
  • pan size 600x400mm; 600x800 mm;
  • electronic tray sensor;
  • automatic adjustment of the table height, the ability to set the height
    lowering the table (it can be different for each sample of the product, which allows you to increase productivity);
  • 100 work programs stored in the machine's memory;
  • touch screen display with
    program in Russian;


  • Pump-type hopper
  • Brass and plastic nozzles
  • String cutting option
  • Option for making cakes:
  • Plate for depositing muffins and cupcakes into molds
  • Plate for profiteroles
  • Dosing head maintenance trolley.


DROP 600 - Эклеры
DROP 600 - Бисквитный корж
DROP 600 - Песочное печенье
DROP 600 - Заварные кольца
DROP 600 - Безе

DROP 600

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