A unique development of DITOGROUP for tempering chocolate with subsequent coating of confectioneryproducts.



Beta tempering machines are designed to automate the process tempering chocolate. The working volume of the chocolate dissolving bowl is 40 kg. The bowl is equipped with a stirrer that mixes the chocolate and prevents it from freeze.

The productivity of the equipment can reach - 180 kg of tempered chocolate per hour. Temperament process is carried out during the passage chocolate through a screw pump, using a liquid cooled by a refrigeration compressor. The system used allows you to continuously keep the chocolate in the melted state.

All functions are controlled using a touch control panel: the process of melting and tempering, the speed of the glazing conveyor, the power of the screw pump and blowing.

The process of tempering (crystallization) of chocolate

The target temperature for melting chocolate is set, after which the machine's tempering function is activated. After about 15 minutes, the machine enters the tempering mode (beeps), after which you can start glazing products. At the end of the cycle (after approximately 1 hour), the tempering function is disabled and the machine stops. A new portion of chocolate is served (an external tank for melting chocolate is needed), after which the temperament mode is turned on on the machine, after 15 minutes you can start the next cycle of glazing products.


● Removable conveyor belt TR 400 for glazing and decoration (shank + shake).

​● Touch programming and machine control with up to 90 programs. Omron electronics: controller, electrical control panel.

​● High pressure vane pump pressure.

​● Casing made of monolithic polycarbonate 6mm.


Conveyor width - 400mm -1500mm
Productivity - 170kg/hour - 1000kg/hour


• Decorator DEC - 400
• Sieve ST 400
• Power shank
• Tank for melting chocolate and chocolate coating Z60ET
• Casing heating

Декоратор DEC

Бак для плавки Z 60 ET

Съёмный транспортер

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