The W40T casting machine is designed for casting chocolates, bars, domed rectangular hollow blanks.

The machine is equipped with a bowl for glaze with a capacity of 40 kg with a stirrer for stirring
chocolate. The machine has an autonomous heating system for the bowl, pipeline and upper tabletop (heating of the bowl, water jacket, heating with an Elektra heating element).
Setting the set temperature, monitoring and maintaining it is provided by an electronic temperature controller using software.
Pneumo is responsible for the dosing dose a valve installed at the outlet of the chocolate and a vane pump for chocolate supply. The volume of chocolate supply and the cut-off time of the pneumatic valve are adjusted.

The equipment is equipped with a vibrating table and a pedal for the convenience of the operator. When the pedal is pressed, the operator delivers a predetermined dose each time it is pressed.
The vibrating table allows you to remove the air cavity in the inside of the workpiece before cooling. The machine is equipped with plastic knives for removing excess chocolate when making hollow pieces.

The machine allows you to automate the process of molding sweets, chocolate bars, etc.
All parts of the machine are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and food-grade plastic.

The machine is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Sieve ST 400
  • Chocolate dispenser
  • Tank for melting chocolate and chocolate coating Z60ET

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