Enrobing machine ZETA for automating the process of coating confectionery products with chocolate icing at food industry enterprises.



Glazing machine ZETA is designed to automate the process of glazing confectionery products with chocolate icing at food industry enterprises.

• The machine allows you to apply glaze of various coating thicknesses
• The machine is equipped with a glaze bowl with a capacity of 60 kg with a glaze stirrer (bowl heating: water jacket with electric heating elements), glaze diffuser with regulation of the thickness of the glaze layer. Glazing technology provides an even layer of glaze, a glossy look, as well as a long shelf life
• The application of a uniform layer of glaze is carried out using a bladed stainless steel. pump and blower for optimum airflow
• The tail roller is responsible for removing excess glaze from below and smoothing (for removing excess glaze from below and simultaneously smoothing the bottom of the product)
• When glazing, the product is glazed completely (top and bottom) or partially (only top or only bottom).
• When decorating, a pattern is applied to the top of the product, and the bottom is completely glazed, or only a pattern is applied to the top of the product.
• Temperature setting, control and maintenance is provided by an electronic temperature controller using software.
• To smoothly change the volume of glaze supplied for glazing, a frequency-controlled drive is used to control the speed of the mesh conveyor.
• The glazing line can be completed; a tank for melting chocolate icing and a decorator.
• Glazing conveyor - removable, which provides 100% access to the bath for a quick change of glaze. The conveyor is equipped with a stainless steel mesh belt. steel 425 cm wide, mesh belt shaker.
• The line's capacity when loaded with pre-melted glaze can reach 250 kg of finished product per hour.
• All components of the machine (heating of the melting bowl, glaze stirrer, glaze supply from the diffuser, product blowing, mesh conveyor belt) are easily controlled from the control panel.
• All parts of the machine are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic.


● Removable conveyor belt TR 400 for glazing and decoration (shank + shake).

​● Touch programming and machine control with up to 90 programs. Omron electronics: controller, electrical control panel.

​● High pressure vane pump pressure.

​● Casing made of monolithic polycarbonate 6mm.


Conveyor width - 400mm -1500mm Productivity - 250kg/hour - 1000kg/hour


• Decorator DEC - 400
• Sieve ST 400
• Power shank
• Tank for melting chocolate and chocolate coating Z60ET
• Casing heating

Декоратор DEC

Бак для плавки Z 60 ET

Съёмный транспортер

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